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Traveling with a Baby

Experienced parents usually know that traveling with a baby requires a bit more up-front research and planning. New parents however, should not feel daunted by the adventure of vacationing with their little ones. There are plenty of things to do in Fort Myers and the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina is only too happy to assist them. Here we offer a few simple tips to help parents have a relaxing family vacation with their baby.

Consider your vacation expectations and create a “wish list” of priorities.
Are you a “do-it yourself” person or would you prefer to have certain things such as laundry and meals taken care of while on vacation? Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina has condominiums such as our White Sand Villas and our Beach Villas that feature in-unit washers and dryers. . These are a welcomed help to many parents as infants can go through a week’s worth of clothing in just a couple of days. We can also assist you with finding local laundry service if desired.

Many of our units have full kitchens so that you can prepare meals as usual, therefore helping to maintain your infant’s routine. Should you prefer to dine out there are many local restaurants and Pink Shell features two, Jack’s and Bongo’s Bar and Grill right here on our property.

Are you hoping to spend some alone time with your partner? With the multitude of things to do in Fort Myers, you’ll need to consider what child care services you may need to accomplish this. These services could include private sitters , daycare centers, or an onsite child care program. Pink Shell offers Our Kidds Kampp® programs, which are scheduled drop-off camps for kids ages 4 to 12. You can leave your little ones with us to have fun, learn and make new friends! Thinking about this need ahead of time allows you to contact your concierge and ask questions prior to arrival, which can help reduce the stress of setting up child care at an unfamiliar place. (Check out our Child Care Checklist.) Which brings us directly to our next tip…

Utilize the staff at your vacation destination as a resource prior to arrival. When planning a trip with an infant, there are lots of questions that come up, primarily related to keeping your baby happy and on a familiar routine. While a destination’s website can offer offers invaluable information, it’s reassuring to connect with a knowledgeable staff member at your destination via email or a phone call. They can fill you in on what’s available right on the property or in the area, as well as any specific extras you might need such as sunscreen or extra play clothes. Resort staff can help direct you to stores that stock diapers, wipes and baby food, and rental services for everything from baby carriers to strollers.

Plan your route and/or mode of travel with your baby’s needs in mind. Flying? Bring plenty of supplies in your carry-on. Driving? Before heading off to your destination, it’s useful to map out your stops along the way. Diaper changes or bathroom breaks are often needed at the most inopportune times, so it helps to know where the next rest area is. Consider driving during the night or just prior to nap time, when your infant is usually sleeping. This helps keep fussy babies quiet and can make hours in the car more tolerable, especially if you have other young children unaccustomed to long car rides. If you do leave in the evening, a stay en route may be necessary, and planning your route ahead of time can help with identifying potential overnight lodging.

Research child-friendly restaurants along your route – not just restaurants that tolerate kids, but those that welcome them! If you’ll be traveling through a mealtime, it can be helpful to look up places to eat before you hit the road. Almost every parent has experienced that unsettling moment when their child decides to fuss and cry in a quiet restaurant. By looking ahead to find eating options where children are welcome, you can thoroughly enjoy your meal.

Enjoy your vacation. Your pre-vacation preparations will have covered all of the major bases. Vacations are a special time to relax and enjoy your time with your family. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby and other children will be. Also remember, the staff here at Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina is always here to help you and your family. Whatever your needs, let us help you to enjoy your vacation and the many things to do in Fort Myers.

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